What Mulching Does for Trees

01/04/2014 17:40

Many agriculturists say that mulching is one of the best things you can do for trees. It is also a relatively easy task in planting. In any woodland, a tree bores its roots into soil supplemented with organic matter, microscopic organisms and essential nutrients. As leaves fall down from trees and decay, these top off the soil and generates a rich and ventilated foundation perfect for root growth.

In the urban areas, the situation is different. The ordinary yard does not offer the same amenities to tree roots. The soil here is generally drained of nourishing components and organic substances. Moisture and temperature are extremes most of the time. That is why mulching is recommended. Mulch protects the soil and helps control temperature changes. It also slows down evaporation of water and reduces soil density which normally takes place during downpours. Mulching also holds up with weed germination and growth. The weeds are easier to pull out. Use of mulch prevents soil erosion and overflow of water.

See to it that the mulch substance should be roughly two to four inches in depth. This time, spread the mulch uniformly with the rake. Take time to check on the form of the mulch ring. Make the necessary adjustments so that the shape is even. Water the area surrounding the mulched tree if the soil is very dry. Monitor the mulched tree on a regular basis for any weed growth. Make sure to pull out these weeds as well as other unwanted growth.

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