How to Apply Mulch for Trees

01/04/2014 17:33

Applying mulch does not only make the garden look appealing but also gives the property owner several benefits. The protective cover restricts the growth of weeds, helps in maintaining wetness and temperature in soil around trees, and saves the tree from damage caused by pests, lawn mowers and diseases. Still, it is imperative to learn perfect mulching steps. Mulch applied the wrong way can accelerate growth of fungus and catch the attention of insects that can damage the tree.

How do you carry out mulching correctly? Prepare the section surrounding the tree by taking away all the rubbish, twigs and weeds. Rake the soil thoroughly so the earth around the tree is level all around. Spread the mulch substance all over in the form of a circle. You have to measure at least 12 feet or 3.5 meters on all sides of huge and old trees. Use the rake once more to disperse the material uniformly. Check the form of the much ring so you can make modifications to make the shape look flat. Water the tree if the soil is dry and pull out the weed s as these grow.

Avoid creating mounds of mulch that will jeopardize the physical condition of the tree and become an ugly sight. Stacked mulch can cause excessive moisture and conditions that lead to diseases and pests. The wet environment can also lead to the uncontrolled growth of roots that can eventually destroy the tree. Do not put an expansive layer because this will slow down the growth of weeds and absorb precipitation.


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