Discover Secrets in Tree Mulching

01/04/2014 17:43

It is fairly easy to achieve success in tree mulching. Follow the simple rules in this unique process. Mulch application is advisable just before the summer season begins. For cold places, applying mulch is suitable when the soil warms up in spring. It is also a practical move to restore mulch soon after the soil starts to freeze and provides substantial protection against winter. This is good for trees that have just been planted.

Your initial step is to buy a rake and natural mulching substances from the nearest garden supply outlet. Take away all the rubbish on all sides of the tree such as fallen twigs, leaves and weeds. Flatten the ground using your rake. Make it even as much as possible. Apply the mulch in a circular form. This should be approximately the length of branches for young and small trees. On the other hand, allow a span of 12 feet or 3.5 meters for huge and old trees.

See to it that the mulch substance should be roughly two to four inches in depth. This time, spread the mulch uniformly with the rake. Take time to check on the form of the mulch ring. Make the necessary adjustments so that the shape is even. Water the area surrounding the mulched tree if the soil is very dry. Monitor the mulched tree on a regular basis for any weed growth. Make sure to pull out these weeds as well as other unwanted growth. Now, you are ready to try out your first mulching procedure. 

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